h the growing exploitation speed plus the continual decreasing oil plus gas resources, offshore petrol resources have become the converge of every country and the hotspots of oil plus gas exploration and evolution As one of the most important equipments because offshore fuel plus gas exploration plus mutation the offshore drilling platform has fascinated a roomy attention around the world By extra than 10 annuals alter people are not longer satisfied with the conventional platform technique plus drilling way they are setting their eyes on the hereafter evolution So,Cheap Tim Tebow Jersey, offshore drilling platforms and equipments are amplified from the previous simplex firm platform,Nike Darrelle Revis Jersey, jack-up platform to the fashionable drilling boat semi-submersible platform, etc.

Since 1961,Cheap Mark Sanchez Jersey, semi-submersible platform ---- the outstanding one surrounded offshore drilling platform, has been developed to the sixth generation. Among the worldwide existing drilling platforms, with a rapid development of technology, the quantity of semi-submersible types is nearly 1/6,plus surrounded semi-submersible platforms, there are 15 platforms whose depth of water namely over 3000m plus drilling capability reaches 10000m. Now,to the amenable capacity of water depth, its going range of water depth is becoming deeper,plus the drilling depth has exceeded 12000m; to the carrying capacity and the automation class semi-submersible platform has transformed surplus perfected and useful For instance the fasten mooring positioning was replaced by the propeller-aided positioning,plus immediately DP3 dynamic positioning is becoming the maximum perfected positioning system.

Surveying the evolution history of drilling platform, from the firm platform technology mastered by a few countries because the very beginning apt the perfected offshore drilling technology developed by developed countries among lately 20 years from a few nations apt amplified nations the class of offshore exploration and mutation has rose apt a much higher level Not only the measure of platform rises sharply plus variety namely many barely likewise the capacity that adjust to water depth plus drilling depth namely becoming better plus better. The hereafter mutation trend of offshore drilling platform technique is becoming explicit.

According to the statistics plus inquiry of authoritative organization, from 2001 to 2007, 434 offshore fuel plus gas evolution projects have been fired surrounded the world In these projects, the ratio of deep water ones (water depth is over 500m) namely 48%,plus the value of deep water ones (water depth namely over 1200m) reaches 22%. Each fuel companies investments surrounded deep-sea area are increasing,plus offshore drilling platforms are also developing to deep-sea fields continually.

Facing atmosphere swing,stream plus other perplexing marine operating circumstances,Cheap Nick Mangold Jersey,in array to decrease fatigue intensity,rectify working efficiency plus diminish handworks error rate, the automatic and intelligent control technology of nautical equipment has been used quite well. For instance"SEVAN DRILLER" offshore drilling plus storage platform is the maximum perfected and the first cylindrical ultra-deepwater offshore drilling plus arsenal platform, equipped with the maximum perfected DP3 dynamic positioning system and nail mooring system and capable to adjust apt the coarse environments which namely -20 C.

Offshore drilling platforms are becoming pile up multifunctional. The new-fashioned multi-purpose offshore platforms are never only used because drilling,merely likewise acclimate because workover,oil production,oil storage,alive power afford and additional functions. For instance"Offshore Oil No.981"semi-submersible drilling platform ---- This platform tin withstand the oncein-200 years typhoon,plus its positioning system uses high-power thruster plus DP3 dynamic positioning system. It has a long going life with exploration,Santonio Holmes Jersey, drilling, well completion,www.newyorkjetsjerseys.net, workover opera Related articles:
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