ernationally Financial Crisis,jordan 9,prevalent Energy Declining trend within demand, Decline among electricity demand and Oil The double impact of declining amounts domestic huge air power companies have suffered not small clash,ventilation power industry,emigrant central began to retreat tide."

Although our current energy mall still has peerless dormitory as evolution the outlook was optimistic,barely among this wag of emigrant investment recede tide", how out of current difficulties,namely the colossal digit of servant air power companies have to face caustic test . For immediately the Government did never stand by and there namely news namely the National Energy Board is currently formulating a present energy industry revitalization planning to accelerate the development of new stamina industries.

Industry climb Attract investment 84 billion yuan last year

Data show namely among 2008 the prevalent installed present fans apt 27.056 million kilowatts,extra than 35% yearly on daily growth rate,perfect installed capability of more than 120 million kilowatts,one multiplication of about 30%. 2010 the perfect installed capability of atmosphere power multinational aspiration approximate 190 million kilowatts. Support air power within the prevalent policy guidance,to 2020,universal atmosphere power installed skill ambition approximate an.five billion kilowatts.

In recent years, China's atmosphere power affair has amplified very quickly attracting a lot of money. "In 2007,global atmosphere power investment, 15% of the funds apt invest amid the Chinese mall China became the world's largest air power mall among 2008 apt preoccupy investment is as lofty as 84 billion yuan." Energy Research Institute Li Junfeng,jordan 4 thunder 2012,deputy coach said.

Have a lot of chief investment and ministry advocate many wind power companies sprang up favor mushrooms, only a few years, the nation emerged extra than a dozen home traditions electricity industry companies. In these listed companies,within addition to power companies,wind power industry evolution and downstream ends very rapidly as the leading equipment and operation of gold air technology, machine productions China guided instrument Electric , Hunan Electric shares guided the day of foliage production and other weird shares.

"In policy advocate the extra atmosphere power companies apt participate in mall competition, the henceforth mall of China Fan with bread want be beyond annexed Industry athletes said.

Present predicament Withdrawal of alien capital financial crisis

International financial emergency almost apt every business forward surprise, the stamina industry amid this storm have not fled Data show namely among October last anniversary China capable the 1st duration since 1999,monthly consumption of electricity fell, the all society with the capability to 269.851 billion kwh, a decrease of 3.7%; last November the entire of society apt 256.two billion kwh electricity anniversary aboard annual decrease of eight.6%; in January this daily the entire anniversary consumption decline of society namely reached 12.88%, with Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces, electricity consumption fell two percentage annual over.

's Survey found namely a diversity of prejudicial factors many promising ventilation stamina companies have previously made the decision of disinvestment. Related articles:
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