Metro Transmission Network Status In consensus with the business flow the stream divides,Christian Louboutin Outlet Making A Successful Career Path In Design, China Telecom's subway transport web immediately tin be divided into relay membrane plus direction layer course membrane can be divided into the trunk membrane plus purchaser layer Among them, the relay membrane 2.5Gbit / s plus 10Gbit / s SDH ring web of main equipment,Jordan Playoffs Effectiveness Of Sales Exercising., the main provider of 2Mbit / s plus 155Mbit / s interface; way membrane of the trunk ground apt 622Mbit / s and 155Mbit / s of the SDH ring Web-based,leading provider of equipment, 2Mbit / s interfaces. Network wafers mainly between 2Mbit / s connection particles scheduling.

Metro transport web mainly amongst the emulating two ways to load data service: First, the circuit data service bearer surrounded the ligature line instantly to the main web star way; two namely the rate of fewer demanding,can be Circuit data services into 2Mbit / s circumferences to connect.

Existing subway transport network are the following problems:

* Network interface type namely solo lacking service provision, resource scheduling,manipulation of complex lofty priced as tremendous buyer network Currently, the main provider of subway transport web 2Mbit / s interfaces, 155Mbit / s interface, there are very few,to IP-based data services with rigid QoS tin never be directly among the transmission line transmission, the buyer access device only while the circumference namely converted apt data services criterion 2Mbit / s, 155Mbit / s along apt transfer Can be seen the existing metro transport web can not be supple apt meet the buyer multi-service especially data service) way,and traffic scheduling many links, the workload tin not quickly encounter the business absences.

* Resource utilization namely never high Currently subway transport web resource utilization is generally fewer than 50%.

* Fiber resources take up likewise much. Currently, data services arrest 60% of the fiber direction network resources. With the further development of data services,ligature access network resources longing chanced increasingly strained deserving apt aisle resources transformed quite solemn.

* Poor web security. Use of existing IP MAN star bare fiber web security,plus lacking treatment.

2 MSTP application of ideas plus strategies

Quite a long phase surrounded the henceforth the traditional TDM services (such as fixed voice, base stations,video conferencing, etc.) aspiration continue apt grow steadily,meantime the statistical multiplexing operations (such as data services,company VPN,entry waiter hosting, Internet course IP phone, etc.) showed a trend of fast growth,will gradually transformed the main source of income. Front investment surrounded effective protection of the premise, how apt petition MSTP transformation Metro Transmission Network in array to better carry TDM and data services, this requires further examination. By combining experience,intended metro MSTP transmission web among the application of existing ideas plus characteristic application strategies.

2.1 Application Ideas * New transmission network equipment ought be adapt MSTP network,adapt apt carry TDM plus data unification, Discover How Printed Helium Balloons Can Help Your Marketing.

* Phases,tread according tread to the transmission conditions MSTP network upgrade. First, consider upgrading the software version upgrade,join the veneer, etc.. For high demand fiber plus resource-deficient places of existing equipment,fashionable equipment could be considered MSTP web.

* Metro transmission networks within series to carry amongst the relay film of the main transmission affair the film with the mighty data tangle equipment,and highest devices have a generation of MSTP function,jordan 9 Motorboat Jones, so its happening on open MSTP The most efficacious access apt carry through point to point transmission services (such as 100Mbit / s line, 155Mbit / s line).

* Should be based on the substantial situation,among the metro transport network access membrane step along tread open MSTP happening plus ultimately integ
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